CIP Could Provide St Vincent With Synthetic Tracks

MP for Central Kingstown Major St Clair Leacock while recognising the 17 years of the ULP in office, said,  in 17 years the promise of the long-awaited national stadium is still not a reality.

Leacock said neighbouring Grenada who had two hurricanes have hosted two CARIFTA games.

“St Lucia has hosted CARIFTA games, St Kitts is way ahead of us, and there is a direct relationship between the political outcomes we just have just applauded in this house, and what have been achieved on the field of athletics”.

Leacock said he has been to the parks and seen the athletes perform, the circumstances he said the coaches will tell you is terrible.

“Out of pocket, way beyond the call of duty, I have listened to cases and arguments as to whether or not they should be entitled to stipends to go overseas”.

Leacock said when he was in charge of football he made it mandatory that the players should not be out of pocket when representing St Vincent.

“I want to see in this Honourable house we move with dispatch to get syntactic surfaces, not just one”.

“ When you go to the first world every secondary school has an athletic track, I mean we are holding on to this thing like it’s some great herculean task to deliver, it ought not to be so”.

Leacock was interrupted by the Speaker of the house, who asked how he could make such an analogy, when New York has a billion dollar economy compare to SVG with a million dollars.

 Leacock in return said, you ask me the question and i will answer it, Citizenship By Investment Program is the way.

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