Trinidad: Family served eviction notice after falling wall kills son

(T&T NEWSDAY) – STILL mourning the death of five-year-old Pawaan Granger who was killed when a wall fell on him, his bereaved family is now looking for a new home after they were served with an eviction notice by their landlord.

They’ve lived in the Coolman Trace, Fyzabad house, where the tragic incident happened on March 10, for the past year. But they are now uncertain about where they would live. Also living at the house are Granger’s wife Natasha and daughters Peaches, 7, and 15-year-old Pretty.

“We have no money and cannot afford to build a house at this time,” said Pawaan’s father Mikhail Granger yesterday.

“We just buried our son and now we have to worry about where we would put our heads when night comes.”

The landlord lives abroad, but was served with the eviction notice through an agent on Monday on the basis that the house has been deemed unsafe.

“It is with immediate effect. What are we to do? Where do I carry my wife and children now? We are in so much stress right now. I really struggling to cope with losing Pawaan.”

Pawaan was picking leaves from a tulsi plant outside the family’s house when a portion of a concrete wall fell on him. Granger said he never expected the wall to fall. He said there are other walls around the house that he knew are not stable and was very cautious about allowing his children near them.

On the day of the tragedy, Granger recalled holding his son’s body in his hands when he took his last breath. “I ran 500 or 600 yards to the health centre with him and I would never forget when I saw my son take his final breath. With Pawaan’s death, our lives changed for the worst.”

He said his children and wife cry every day still. “I try to comfort them but everyday at our home it is sad knowing Pawaan is not coming back. It is really hard for us. He was our world. I know my family needs counselling, we are all hurting so much.”

An autopsy report stated that Pawaan died as a result of massive brain trauma. “I keep asking myself why. I honestly feel my world just caving in on us. I lost my baby boy and now we don’t have a house. I don’t know where else to go, but we have to vacate the place as we were told.” Granger is fearful he and his family would end up on the streets and said he would be grateful if anyone could help them find housing at a reasonable rental price.

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