BEQUIA: Stop The Political Spite And Fix Our Road

Residents of Belmont on the Island of Bequia are calling on the authorities to pay attention to a piece of road that is near collapse.

The residents told News784 that road posses grave danger to drivers since there is no alternative.

The road which is near collapse according to residents has been this way for over 14 years.

A couple who lived on the area for about 25 years told News784 that they have spoken to the area representative about the matter repeatedly, they also told News784 that their grievance was taken to representative for Grenadines affairs on the island Herman Belmar but to no avail.

Parts of the road have fallen apart and have slipped down bank sides along the roadway.

Surface observation shows numerous cracks, with a visible cement mixture to hold the road from falling apart.

Residents had used cement to hold the road together after numerous cracks start appearing

The representative for the Northern Grenadines Dr Godwin Friday says the issue surrounding a number of roads with significant damage and danger to drivers have been brought to the parliament on multiple occasions.

A group of Belmont Residents told News784 that in the year 2011 they had offered the government as a community to fix the road, they noted that the government response was there would be a need for civil engineers to deal with such task.

“ We also offered the services of civil engineers for the project, the island has a number of professionals who were willing to volunteer their time, we have not heard from anyone since”, the group of residents explained to News784.

“ And this is over 7 years now”. Another individual within the group said.

Portions of the road have begun to break away

Other residents who spoke to News784 said how they felt about the situation.

“ They don’t care about residents of Bequia, remember we don’t vote for them” (65yro).

“ The government said we have to eat grass”. (35yro)

“ It’s a clear matter our voting pattern has never changed, we are being made to pay”. (41yro)

“ A government should be for everyone, I will never vote them”. (22yro)

“ Stop the political spite and fix our road ”. (19yro)

Other residents lamented that Paget Farm main road is even worst and is calling on authorities to stop spiting Bequia residents because of how they vote.

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