El Salvador ‘SHAKES’ as major earthquake hits San Vicente coast

EL SALVADOR has been shaken as a major earthquake hits, sparking fears across the Ring of Fire, according to reports.

It was believed 6.1 magnitude quake rocked the central American country at 23.31 (GMT) after it struck just off the San Vicente coast.

However, it was later downgraded to a 5.9 magnitude quake.

Reina Santos, 50, who lives in the central city of Santa Tecla, said she felt the earthquake as she was coming home.

She said: “I was very afraid because the shaking was very strong.”

Another person told the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre: “It was a really big force and it felt really ugly.

“It alarmed many people here.”

While buildings shook as a result of the quake, there are currently no reports of casualties or damage.

The Central American country’s civil protection authorities said they were monitoring the situation.

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