Saharan Dust Approaching The Islands

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said in an update on Tuesday that a ‘moderate plume’ of Sahara Dust is approaching the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.

The dust concentration over T&T is expected to gradually increase into Wednesday. Persons with respiratory ailments should take the necessary precautions.

According to NASA, hundreds of millions of tons of dust are picked up from the deserts of Africa and blown across the Atlantic Ocean each year.

That dust helps build beaches in the Caribbean and fertilizes soils in the Amazon. It affects air quality in North and South America.

Some say dust storms might play a role in the suppression of hurricanes and the decline of coral reefs.

report from the US National Library of Medicine noted an increase in reports of asthmatic conditions under heavier Saharan dust conditions.

Citizens are also advised to take care to keep children with asthma protected against dusty conditions.

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