Diamond Community To Benefit From SDA Summer Program

(By Ernesto Cooke) – The Eastern District of Seventh Day Adventist churches says their campaign in the community of Diamond is far from over.

The SDA churches of Calder, Stubbs and Mt Moriah recently through an evangelistic outreach baptized some 33 persons.

Pastor Kerry Kerr who heads the district told News784 that they intend to carry out a summer program in the Diamond community.

“ In the summer we are going to do a back to school drive, where we would be trying to give every child in this area,  school bags and other accessories to aid in going back to school for the new term”.

Kerr told News784 that Diamond is a community that is not just depressed economically but also has serious family dysfunction.

He says the churches intend not only to bring the spiritual aspect to villagers but look after their social needs as well.

The recent crusade by the Eastern District of SDA was held between the 18th February 2018 to 17th March 2018.

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