CWSA To Build New Water Storage Tank In Sandy Bay

In keeping with their theme for water week “2018 CWSA year of Water Conservation and Storage”, the utility agency would be looking to increase water storage capacity at its catchment facilities throughout the year.

Manager of the CWSA, Garth Saunders said that over a nine-year period from 2006 to 2015, the CWSA embarked on a project to increase its island-wide water storage by 30 percent, from 4 million gallons in 2006 to 5.2 million gallons in 2015.

The CWSA would be embarking on the construction of a new 250 thousand gallon storage tank at Sandy Bay,  during the year 2018.

Saunders noted that the building of the tank will ensure that adequate water is available for residents of that community during cases of emergencies, disasters and periods of drought.

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