Guyana: Man’s fingers sliced off after refusing to turn down loud music

(GUYANA GUARDIAN) – A man who was previously warned by the police to turn down the volume of his music because his neighbours’ had complaint that it was too loud, ended up losing four of his fingers after he reportedly back-tracked on his promise to do so.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the man, 30-year-old Rudolph Haynes, a carpenter of Middle Street, Springlands, was imbibing in front of his home with two friends, when police ranks attached to the Springlands police station approached the trio as a result of a noise nuisance complaint that they had received.

According to eyewitnesses, since Haynes was the operator of the music system, he was warned to immediately turn it down, to which he complied.

However, it is understood that after the lawmen had left, Haynes at the encouragement of his friends, 19-year-old Vickash Ramnarine, and 16-year-old Saif Ghanie, turned up the volume of the music system again, much to the annoyance of his neighbors.

This apparently angered “Brian”, one of the neighbors, who along with his stepson, went over to the men and give them a sound thrashing before turning his anger on Haynes with a cutlass.

But a fleeing Haynes plea for help was not heard by the other neighbors since the loud music at his premises had drowned-out his screams, and by extension, all of the noise surrounding the commotion.

Helpless and cornered by the deranged man, Haynes attempted to shield himself by putting forward his hands, but was wounded by a wielding blow from the man’s blade.

In the process, he lost four of his fingers.

Several minutes later, and after the fracas had subsided, Haynes along with his two injured friends were then rushed to the Springlands hospital for emergency treatment.

While Ramnarine and Ghanie were treated for minor bruises and wounds about their body, and later discharged, Haynes was transferred to the New Amsterdam hospital where he was told it would not be possible to save his four fingers.

Ironically, when Ramnarine and Ghanie went to the Springlands Police station to report the incident, the injured Ghanie was arrested and placed in the lock-ups after Ramnarine’s wife, who was there, surprisingly claim that it was Ghanie who chopped-off Hayne’s fingers and not Brian.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the main suspect, Brian, is a violent person by nature, and has a rap sheet which also involves incidents of domestic violence against his ex-wife Salima Ali, who had to be rescued by the same Haynes, whom he had chopped.

Interestingly, neighbors were also quick to point out that the real noise nuisance usually comes from Brian, who would benefit from the fact that the neighbors do not call the police whenever he is doing so, practically on a daily basis.

Hence they are of the view that Haynes loud partying could have been accommodated under the circumstances.

The police are investigating the matter.

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