Former La Croix Resident Killed In Antigua

A former resident of La Croix Carlos Ollivierre is now dead after what is being described as a brutal murder in the Northern Caribbean country of Antigua.

One month after celebrating 24 years of marriage, his wife Jessica Ollivierre who also hails from La Croix will have to plan her husband’s funeral after he was discovered in a pool of blood on Thursday 22nd,  March 2018, in what police believe was a robbery gone wrong.

According to Antiguan Police, Carlos Ollivierre, also known as “Kung-Fu” or “Caneman,” a farmer was discovered where he plied his trade on Jonas Road at approximately 8 p.m. by family members who had gone in search of him because he had not returned home at his customary time.

Police said the farmer was found with what appeared to be multiple stab wounds to the upper back and right forearm.

According to the Antigua Observer, the widow said the carpenter turned to farming over a decade ago and the couple had plans to extend their Golden Grove home and also the farm.

Jessica said when Carlos repeatedly suffered praedial larceny of his young coconuts, the farmer decided that he would harvest the crop early and bottle the water for sale.

“He is a very hard-working man. No work was ever too hard for him to do; he was driven and determined to make a living,” Jessica said. “He bought the bottles for the coconut water, he bought the freezer and now he is gone. Just like that.”

Residents and commuters reported seeing Carlos after 4 p.m, last Thursday 22nd,  March 2018, before learning he had been killed.

He migrated to Antigua from his native St. Vincent 26 years ago and was 51 years old, Jessica and Carlos celebrated their last wedding anniversary on February 13.

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