Grant Donates Television To MCMH PBX Operators

On Thursday, March 22nd, 2018, the MCMH PBX Operators were the recipient of a 32” LED HDTV.

This was facilitated through the efforts of Mrs Deno Ballantyne who contacted one of the workers to inquire about the possibility of her nephew Mr Deron Grant contributing to the MCMH.

Miss Ballantyne told News784 that she is extremely happy that some assistance could have been made to the telephone operators, especially for those who work late in the night.

“ I am overjoyed that we could have provided some company for them during slow periods, am also delighted that my nephew Deron Grant assisted speedily in this manner”.

The workers and hospital administrator expressed thanks for the worthwhile donation.

Hospital Administrator Miss Grace Walters said the gesture is viewed by the team as very timely and appropriate.

She noted that the department lost the use of their television set earlier this month.

“To others a television set is entertainment; however, to our PBX Operators, it is their lone companion through the long hours of work during the night shift”.

“We say a hearty “thank you” to Mr Grant and wish you God’s continued grace as we continue to work together towards the development of our nation”.

The 32 inches Haier Television, was purchased locally at Singer at a cost of $1038.78.

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