Man ‘bites dog’ minutes before death in Cambridge shop restraint

(BBC) – A man bit a “clump of fur” out of a dog’s neck minutes before he died while being restrained in a convenience store, an inquest has heard.

Clive Beeson, 46, of Dudley Road, Cambridge, was found unresponsive at the One Stop shop in Fen Ditton, in December, 2014.

The hearing, at Peterborough town hall, was told Mr Beeson was first held down by a worker who feared for his life.

He had thrown milk around the shop and smashed wine bottles, it was said.

The dog’s owner, Sebastian Stanley, 45, told the court he was aware of Mr Beeson – who was not wearing any shoes – “acting peculiarly” behind him.

“He started running towards me and jumped on top of my dog, hugging it,” he said.

Mr Stanley said his dog – an English bull terrier – was “pinned to the ground” and yelped, and he realised Mr Beeson was biting its neck.

“He had no regard for me warning him off and was intent on getting to the dog,” he added.

He said when he took the animal to a vet, there were bite marks, and a “clump of fur” had been pulled away.

Assistant coroner Simon Milburn heard from shop worker Alan Cage, who said Mr Beeson arrived at the One Stop at the same time as a milk delivery.

He described how Mr Beeson grabbed milk off the delivery cage and threw “maybe four of five” cartons towards the till, swearing.

“He kept mumbling, grabbing sweets off the shelves and throwing them. He lifted the special offer bin and launched it into the red wine bottles.”

Mr Cage told how both men ended up on the floor and that he held Mr Beeson’s arms, before three customers arrived and helped restrain him.

‘Freakishly strong’

“I have never been so frightened in all my life. I thought he was going to kill me,” he told the hearing.

Gary Burr told the inquest how he held Mr Beeson’s legs during the struggle.

“His strength was completely abnormal,” he said. “He was freakishly strong.

“I was afraid for my safety, for the shopkeeper’s safety – and ultimately his safety,” he said.

The inquest continues.

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