Maduro: 236,000 New Homes To Be Built Thanks To Petro

(Telesurtv) – President Nicolas Maduro says the government is set to finance an estimated 236,000 new homes thanks to the recent presale of Venezuelan oil-back cryptocurrency – Petro.

Talking from the state housing complex, Mirador de Caiza in the state of Miranda, Venezuelan President Maduro says that with the Feb. 20 launch of the Petro, which saw the sale of 82.5 million units and earned the country a reported US$735 million, Venezuela is “financially free” from the heightened U.S. economic sanctions against the country.

Under the Grand Housing Mission project initiated in 2011, the president says he wants to create 3 million housing units by 2019 financed with the country’s new cryptocurrency.

The Venezuelan president came out strongly yesterday against U.S. President Donald Trump’s decree prohibiting “all transactions” with “any digital currency” issued by the Venezuelan government, alluding to the Petro.

Maduro says he, “energetically rejects and condemn the new unilateral sanction of the Donald Trump regime against the Venezuelan people and our financial and economic system.” Maduro says that these sanctions violate the United Nations charter agreement and violate Venezuela’s sovereignty.

The president says he’s set to decree the transfer of 14,000 hectares to National Real Estate to begin the housing construction.

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