Venezuelans will vote with electronic card in elections,May 20th

(AVN) – On Sunday, May 20th, Venezuelans will elect their President of the Republic, members of the legislative councils and members of the municipal councils through a tactile membrane or digital electoral card, explained on Thursday the main rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Tania D’Amelio.

In an interview on VTV’s Al Aire program, she indicated that this marks a difference in relation to the elections held in 2017, when the vote was directly cast on the electoral machine.

D’Amelio explained that the vote in the Capital District, where no legislative council is going to be elected, the vote will be made directly on the screen of the electoral machine. In the case of the states, “they are going to get their membrane with the national political organizations, the regional ones and also the one that corresponds to the indigenous.”

These particularities in the electoral process will be disseminated through the electoral fairs, activities to guide the voter on the charges and the form of election, and dissemination through the media.

For the elections of May 20th, 14 organizations with national political aims, a national group of voters and the 38 regional organizations were nominated, which postulate candidates for legislators, in addition to nine indigenous national organizations and other regional ancestral organizations.

In this regard, D’Amelio recalled that the regional electoral boards will receive the collections of applications for legislative councils on Thursday and Friday, while the nominations to council members will be held in April.

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