Man found guilty of raping stepdaughters who had 8 kids with him

(NY DAILY NEWS) A Queens jury on Monday convicted a man for beating and raping his two stepdaughters over a four-year span.

The man, who was found guilty of forcing himself on the girls when they were under the age of 15 between 2005 to 2008, fathered eight children with the girls, trial evidence showed.

The Daily News is withholding his name to protect the identities of the victims.

The sexual abuse began after he married the girls’ mother and moved the family from Florida — where he had served 10 years in prison for manslaughter — to Queens.

He made his sick move on her daughters after the mother suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for almost a year, prosecutors said.

The stepfather failed to prove to the jurors that the girls consented — even with their mother testifying on his behalf that she didn’t see anything, according to law enforcement sources.

According to trial testimony, the abuse stopped when the oldest sister had enough of the beatings and reported the stepfather to a school administrator, who in turn called the police.

The older sister testified earlier this week that he had stalked the younger sister after she had been removed from the home and placed in foster care, and had gotten her hooked on drugs.

Sentencing is expected on April 10, when he faces up to 175 years in prison for seven counts of rape and statutory rape charges.

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