St. Vincent resident awarded grant for pilot studies

Many young people dream of learning to fly and becoming pilots, but St. Vincent resident Rishi Prikrishna Ramsamooj has begun on the path to turn such dream into a reality. Prikrishna, a graduate of St. Vincent & The Grenadines Community College, enrolled this past year in the Epic Flight Academy in Florida and has been studying to earn his private pilot’s license.

He has now been awarded a Hunter Watson Memorial Fund, locally known as the Friends of Hunter Watson Fund Grant to assist him on his road to a full commercial pilot’s license.

Rishi Prikrishna views getting a commercial pilot’s license not just as a means for obtaining employment in his chosen field, but also as a way to give something back to his home country of St. Vincent. His goal, once he has his commercial license and sufficient experience, is to begin flying for an airline within St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

With the addition of the recently built airport, there is increased opportunity and need for commercial pilots. He has also expressed an interest in working with and guiding young people who also have an interest in becoming pilots.

The grant award is being made by the Hunter Brooks Watson Memorial Fund, a non-profit fund established by friends and colleagues in memory of Hunter Watson. Hunter was about to enter his junior year at Syracuse University when he died tragically as a passenger in an automobile accident in the summer of 2016.

These competitive grants are awarded to students between the ages of 16 and 25 who have demonstrated a strong passion and interest in areas that can help benefit society today but who lack the necessary funding to achieve their goals. The grants are awarded primarily in those areas in which Hunter Watson had worked, including music, performing arts, entrepreneurship and computer technology.

Prikrishna is currently residing in Florida as he attends flight school but graduated from St. Vincent & The Grenadines Community College with majors in math, physics and computer science.  He is also a graduate of St. Vincent Boys Grammar School.

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