33 Persons Baptised In SDA Crusade At Diamond

Four weeks of evangelistic outreach conducted by Pastor Kerry Kerr and members of the Eastern District of SDA in the community of Diamond,  netted 33 souls.

The Eastern District includes the SDA churches of Calder, Mt Moriah and Stubbs.

The series of meetings began in earnest on 17th February, with villagers from the neighbouring communities attending.

Various prizes were handed out to visitors who brought friends on a nightly basis, a talent parade held every Tuesday night ensured that visitors played an integral part in the meetings.

A baptismal service for new members was held on the morning of Saturday 17th March 2018 at Rawacou, those members were officially welcomed to there respective churches on Saturday afternoon during a special ceremony.

SVG SDA Mission President Dermoth Baptiste and Pastor Kerry Kerr

Kerr told News784 on Saturday Afternoon that the community of Diamond is marred with a number of shootings and stabbings and this campaign was their way of reaching out to villagers, thus pointing them to a new way of living.

“ We saw it fit to present Jesus to the community, no pressure to join any religion, in the end, a number of persons decide to gave their lives to Christ”.

The minister told News784 they would have been able to spark interest in four couples towards marriage, and further told News784 that out of the 33 persons which were baptised on Saturday the youngest was 9 years old.

Fellow pastors made special visits during the crusade including, Claudius Morgan, Karlson Samuel, Sigmund Wiggins, Terrance Haynes and Shane Franklyn, they conducted special prayer sessions for visitors and members including an anointing service.

The four-week outreach was conducted by pastor Kerry Kerr, the minister in charge of the Eastern District Of SDA.

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