Vincentian Recruit Sails Through Training

A 21-year-old from St Vincent has joined the ranks of the Royal Navy in the UK after completing his basic training.

Trainee Steward Alyon Adams joined the Service in January arriving at the gates of HMS Raleigh, in Cornwall, for his induction training.

He has now completed an intensive 10-week course designed to teach him the skills he will rely upon throughout his career.

 The course culminates with the passing-out-parade when the successful recruits march out before their families and friends.

Alyon said:  “I joined the Royal Navy for a long-term career travelling the world and learning new skills.  It’s great to be in the Royal Navy.  I may have been born in St Vincent, but I’ve been made in the Royal Navy.

With the first phase of his training complete, Alyon will remain at HMS Raleigh and transfer to the Defence Maritime Logistics School.

There he will undergo a 12 week course to learn how to provide hospitality for visiting VIPs including Heads of State.  He will also learn about accommodation management and stock accounting.

The Royal Navy’s Initial Naval Training course is underpinned by nine Core Maritime Skills that are the foundations of naval life and underpin operational effectiveness.

Recruits are taught the basics of Naval discipline and customs.

Fitness is a key component of the training and is delivered using a disciplined method of military fitness which focuses on developing co-ordination and individual physical strength and endurance.

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