St Vincent Celebrates National Heroes Day

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is today, Wednesday 14th March celebrating National Heroes Day.

Every March, the country celebrates Heroes and Heritage month. Throughout the month, the country learns about and remembers the past by holding cultural events and Indigenous People’s Day celebrations.

The highlight of the celebrations will be a wreath-laying ceremony at the Obelisk erected in honour of the country’s only National Hero, the late Carib Chief Joseph Chatoyer.

Chief Joseph Chatoyer led the nation in preventing the Europeans from colonizing the islands. On March 14, 1795, Chatoyer was killed by British troops at Dorsetshire Hill.

There will be several presentations by government and other officials, as well as dancing and drumming.

Many Vincentians make an annual pilgrimage to the Grenadine island of Balliceaux to pay homage to the fallen indigenous people, many of whom were later exiled to the region that became Belize and other parts of Central America.

Meanwhile, Vincentians are being encouraged to visit North Windward for the Fancy Heroes Day Festival, set to take place later today, March 14th, National Heroes Day.

The event which is an all-day affair will feature a rich cultural package and a wide array of traditional foods.

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