Australia: Woman reels in 130-pound monster

(NY POST)  Sue Elcock went on a fishing trip to keep her son company — and hooked a 130-pound monster fish longer than herself.

Elcock, 68, was visiting son Simon and his wife, Michelle, at their home in Perth, Western Australia, and didn’t expect to catch more than a small fish when she joined him on a charter boat.

But she felt a tug on her line during the 5 a.m. excursion during the trip off the coast of Lancelin and thought she had caught a “fair-sized fish.”

Forty minutes later, Elcock, her son and other anglers on the boat hauled in a giant bass grouper which measured 5 feet 4 inches long — 2 inches longer than petite Elcock.

Elcock, from England, said: “Simon is an experienced sea angler and I have been out with him before when I have been visiting he and Michelle.

“The biggest fish I’ve caught before was a snapper about a foot long and when this one took the bait on the bottom the tug on the line didn’t seem much. I was using one of Simon’s electric reels but it still took nearly an hour to get him on board.

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