No Early Elections For St Vincent

The elections taking place in the subregion does not cause any anxiety for the ULP Government,  this according to PM Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said the NDP promises MILK and HONEY, how they will achieve such is anybody’s guess since they have no set policy, he stated.

“ We will have elections when it’s constitutionally due, at the end of 2020”.

Gonsalves said he is hoping before such, that the Unity Labour Party, could facilitate him in making the transition to new leadership.

“ There is no demand in the party or the country for me to go, but I believe that it is probably a good time to make the transition”.

With young Gonsalves taking the ministerial portfolio of Finance, political commentators have widely claimed that young Gonsalves is next in line for the leader of the party and Prime Minister.

The Unity Labour Party returned to power following a razor-thin victory of 8-7 in 2015, the party managed to take 52.3 percent of the votes while the opposition gained some 47.4 percent.

Gonsalves has been the leader of the party since 1998 and Prime Minister since 2001.

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