Former SVG Cop Remains In Coma After Being Shot

A former police officer of the RSVGPF Rawford Warren who was shot in Barbados last evening remains in a coma.

According to information obtained by News784, Warren was liming on Friday night with a friend when the incident occurred.

The friend complimented a woman on her looks, that apparently made the woman’s boyfriend angry.

Warren explained to the man that his friend meant nothing disrespectful, however, that did not calm the situation, a fight ensued, Warren tried to make peace between the men, he was threatened with a broken bottle and decide to leave the scene, the man pursed him firing 6 shots, five of those shot caught Warren as he was running away, he fell into an 80 foot well.

Following the ordeal police arrived, Warren was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where surgery was performed on him, he remains in a coma up to the time of this publication.

News784 will follow the story and update in a future post.

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