Flight Statistics show E.T Joshua Was Losing Significant Traffic

Director of airports Corsel Robinson says prior to the opening of the Argyle Airport, the trend at E.T Joshua was a downward one according to flight statistics

“We were losing traffic, a reduction in flights year by year up until 2016”.

Robinson said as international requirements for aviation increased they fell further behind in terms of compliance due to our natural physical challenges.

“ These were the river, the sea and the hills on three sides”.

She said at Argyle in 2017 this has changed.

“ Our records show, and am using the period January to February, that in 2016 compare to 2017, 2017  had a 6.5 percent increase in aircraft operations on the mainland”.

Robinson said that was not all bearing in mind that they moved operations to Argyle in February 2017.

“We also did an assessment using February 2016 to January 2017, and comparing that with February 2017 to January 2018, when we did that it was discovered that the increase in flights was 7.8 percent, even greater than when you used the calendar year”.

Robinson was speaking at a ceremony to mark the year anniversary of AIA.

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