ANTIGUA: Junior policemen reject sexual advances from senior male colleague

(ANTIGUA OBSERVER) Several male police officers have filed official complaints against a high-ranking male colleague who allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward them.

The officers have reported the incidents in writing to the Police Service Commission, and they are expressing concern and asking for an intervention.

The names of those involved cannot be published because the complaints are about sex crimes and the law says their identities must be protected. In the case of the alleged offender, his name can only be published if convicted.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne tells OBSERVER media he’s aware of only one incident being reported.

He says he cannot intervene in the matter and adds that it is something that the police service commission has to handle.

OBSERVER media says they are in possession of several of the letters of complaint filed on the official Police Statement Forms.

In one letter, filed in September of last year, a male junior officer reports that the male senior officer asked him for sex and offered to pay him.

Buggery is unlawful in Antigua and Barbuda and the country does not recognise same-sex relations.

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