Hosanna Outreach makes donation to MNM

The Ministry of National Mobilisation was the recipient of some medical supplies and non-perishable food items from a Canadian based organization named Hosanna Outreach Ministries, operating out of the Toronto Metropolitan area in Canada.

Hosanna Outreach Ministries is a charitable organization that reaches out to communities and areas that has been affected by natural disasters or a request to assist is made.

Evangelist Marva Ollivierre-Nanton is operations and coordinating personnel of the organization.

On Tuesday February 27th, a handing over of the medical supplies donated was done at the Central Medical Stores where the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of National Mobilisation, Mrs Nerissa Gittens-McMillan presented to the Manager of the Central Medical Stores Mr Steve Millington a quantity of medical supplies and assistive devices donated by the Hosanna Outreach Ministries.

Upon receiving the donation, Mr. Millington thanked the organization for its contribution to the Medical stores and indicated that the donation would be put to use in the various medical facilities as per fitting the items.

Among the items were gel packs, diapers, a hip protector and compression gloves just to list a few.

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