SVG Newest Industry “Pulling Down Ralph”

St Vincent and the Grenadines has a new industry, that’s according to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves while speaking on WEFM last Sunday.

Gonsalves said while persons are estimating SVG, he was speaking about Caricom endorsement of SVG’S bid for the UN security council seat, those at home are doing the opposite.

“ You have an industry at home and abroad, all they care about is removing a government at all cost, and to see how they can punish those persons here in government particularly Ralph”.

Gonsalves said this goes beyond the normal competitive language which you will use during elections, or during the normal rough and tumble of politics.

“ You may recall in the year 2000, just before the elections of 2001, a man name Nano said Eustace borrowed money from him and never paid back, some $300,000 or whatever the number, and they have the evidence and all the rest of it, Eustace said he would sue, well he did not sue, that does not what Nano was saying was true”.

Gonsalves said form his side some persons started the propaganda saying that Eustace is corrupt.

“ You would recall I entered the picture and I said in the absence of any evidence, if I have to choose between Eustace word and Nano’s word, I would choose Eustace word any day”.

Gonsalves note that supporters were angry with him but leadership involves saying what is nonsense from what is not.

He said it’s not the first time he has done that, but you have to draw some lines somewhere.

“ I remember Matthew Thomas on an MNU platform criticise Sir James personal domestic life, and went as far as saying, quote and quote has is concubine living with him in the Prime Ministers residence”.

“ I took the stage immediately following that and told those listening, I don’t share that view as leader of the MNU and am not getting into that type of discussion, Matthew was vexed with me, but I told him you cross the line man”.

Gonsalves said you have an industry which has grown up, concern with just pulling down Ralph and anybody close to him, to see if they can hurt.

It’s a short step where they go, having Ralph and St Vincent as co-terminus, we overlap we are one and the same thing, so you have to pull down SVG.

Gonsalves said all these ties in with the petitions and it is not just an ordinary petition, it would be remembered, that one broadcaster for which he believes was subsequently charged, essentially encouraging persons to rebellion, trying to stop a government from being sworn in.

He said one thing is sure, you will not find Ralph’s name or any other politician name involved in anything, but there is a political price for that sort of behaviour.

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