Turbo Energy Drink Fuels SPARC Racing Event

Turbo Energy Drink will be injecting fuel into the SVG performance Auto Racing club side by side quarter mile drag race called INDUCTION, taking place on Sunday 4th March, at the E.T Joshua airstrip.

Brand Supervisor at Facey Trading Dexter Thomas told News74 that the company is proud to be a sponsor of the event.

He says Facey Trading LTD main goal is to make Turbo Energy Drink be known around SVG thus allowing it to become the number one Energy Drink.

“ I wish the participants all the best and I ask them to put safety first”.

Andre Harry president of SPARC, told News784 that the event will see racing enthusiasts from regional countries.

He said one of the main features will Nick Pinto from Barbados with his all-wheel-drive turbocharged Mitsubishi Colt.

The club is working along with B.A.D.D the Barbados Association Of Dragsters and Drifters, as well as various sporting clubs from St Lucia, make Induction a regional event.

He said the major objective of Induction is two-fold: “ to build motorsports and motorsports tourism in SVG”.

Harry said sponsorship was a bit difficult to achieve, however, Turbo Energy Drink has given the event a serious boost, making it a reality.

Harry also told News784 that they are looking into the possibility of a home for drag racing, he said they are grateful for the use of the old airfield and will utilize it as much as possible.

There are over 30 cars taking part in the event today, he said safety is of utmost concern, and every driver taking part will have a helmet and fire extinguisher in their car, along with protective footwear.

He said all vehicles will be scrutinized before the race by highly qualified mechanics.

Turbo Energy Drink is a well-known household brand being distributed and marketed by Facey Trading SVG Ltd, here in St Vincent

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