SVG Yatch Arrivals On The Rebound

Yatch arrivals are on the rebound, this according to Minister of tourism Cecil Mckee, Mckee said the reports from the Bequia committee for the Blues Festival confirms that in the latter half of January there were as much as 500 yachts in the harbour.

He said that the same would go for the Tobago keys, stating that the nation would have benefited from the countries that got damage from the recent storms, but there is no way to verify such.

He said on the other side some of the yachts that would have possibly come may have been damaged by the storm or destroyed by the storm so there was a trade-off.

“ We are happy for the numbers, in November 41.1 percent and December saw a 30.1 percent “.

Mckee said it is an outstanding season, and it would be a major injection into the economy for 2018.

He said the issue of security is an ongoing one along with education for stakeholders in the industry.

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