Jamaica – Over 150 prisoners relocated after discovery of escape plot

(CNS) – Some 160 prisoners have been relocated from the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre following the recent discovery of an escape plot.
The number of correctional staff has also been increased at the facility.
Concern mounted about the dilapidated state of the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre after tunnels were found at the compound on February 16.
In the meantime, the Jamaica Federation of  Corrections is hoping that its letter, sent to the National Security Minister on Monday arguing the need for the construction of a new prison, will result in action being taken.
A copy of the letter was also delivered to the Office of the Prime Minister.
The Federation has been lobbying for a new maximum security facility since the UK Government presented such an offer in 2015, with the condition that 300 Jamaican prisoners in British jails be transferred to the island to complete their sentences. The offer was rejected by the Government.

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