Government launches OECS Agriculture Competitiveness Project

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines through the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning launched the OECS Agriculture Competitiveness Project on Tuesday 27th  February 2018 at the San Souci Learning Resource Centre.

The Project seeks to enhance the competitiveness of the agriculture sector, mainly through improving sustained market access to small-scale farmers and fisherfolk (FF), as well as their allied aggregators and agro-processors (AA).

To this end, the project will address the following specific objectives and strategic interventions in the national economic and social development plan:

  1. To increase market access for agricultural products by
    1. developing and implementing an export market thrust for agriculture produce,
    2. deepening linkages between agriculture and other sectors, particularly tourism, manufacturing and the environment,
    3. Identifying required improvements in transportation and support services to ensure regular reliable movement of produce in the region and to international destinations and
    4. developing focused programmes and networking for marketing of agricultural produce within and outside the region, including expansion of opportunities for joint marketing.
  2. To contribute to food and nutrition security on a sustained basis by promoting the use of healthy and nutritious foods through various programmes;
  3. To increase agricultural exports by developing a comprehensive export strategy for agricultural produce.

The OECS Agriculture Competitiveness Project is financed by a loan of US$4.3 million dollars from the World Bank International Development Association.

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