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LOVNSVG has been in existence for 7 years, in which Mrs. Nailah John-Prince (founder) has publicly claimed she is not aware of the 2+ years of harassment experienced almost daily by Mrs. Sylvia Findlay- Scrubb the Supervisor of Elections.

The organization which claims to champion the rights of women, irrespective of political affiliation, has demonstrated in recent times a clear approach of bias via ignorant comments by its President, for example (insert 1)

Her organization is again been under scrutiny for the deafening silence on the matter involving Mrs. John-Prince” longtime friend Colin Graham who was a potential NDP candidate for East St. George slated to run against Camillo Gonsalves in the next General Elections due in 2020.

LOVNSVG had made no public condemnation against the then political candidate, Colin Graham, at the time the abuse was made public by Iyah Jacobs, a young woman he was in a committed relationship with.

The organization had not engaged in raising any funds for Ms. Jacobs to assist her to get help to overcome the trauma inflicted by Colin.

However, it is now apparently convenient for the organization and its President, who some have claimed on Social Media, by calling them out, stating they have no legal authority by Yugge or her legal representative to set up or collect any online funds on her behalf, raising thousands of dollars without any oversight and accountability.

One question raised is, due to the nature of the public interest in the matter, if some donations would be made privately and/or via Western Union and would not be seen online on the GoFundMe page.

Another question raised was whether or not the ex-wife of Colin Graham and Ms. Jacobs who suffered domestic abuse were given any such assistance.

People have been calling for Yugge’s legal counsel Grant Connell to clarify the validity of such fundraising schemes undertaken by this clearly politically jaundice organization, after he stated his non-involvement in such funds some 3 weeks ago in an online interview with news784.

Deception of the poor and vulnerable is written all over this prolonged saga, Sales of T-Shirts, CD’s, GoFundMe Accounts has in no way contributed to the betterment and development of the young lady who truly needs it most.

Sad and shameful!!

I am asking LOVNSVG to clarify the grey areas outlined in the above comments for public clarity.


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