3941 Passengers Moved By Air Canada Since December 14th

Air Canada Rouge flights into St Vincent has been a welcome relief to returning Vincentians and visitors, with a 95 percent capacity been filled in December.

According to numbers revealed by Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckee, in December some 403 of the 408 seats were taken up coming in, while 373 out of 408 seats were filled going out.

For the month of January, there were 441 inbound passengers while outbound was 425, a total of 866 or 80 percent capacity.

The month of February up to the 23rd, showed there were 515 inbound and outbound 448, a capacity so far of 80 percent.

Since the 14th of December the beginning of Air Canada Rouge service there have been 1187 already traveled or to travel in and 2054 traveled or to travel out, a total of 3941.

Mckee said in the last five months the stats among all the airlines Air Canada, Sun Wing, and Easy Sky showed a total movement of 4066 passengers.

He said while most of the visitors from Canada would have been returning Vincentians, they are working on leisure travelers or non-Vincentians.

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