2018/2019 cruise season will surpass current one

With the cruise visitors numbers up by 75 percent over the last season, St Vincent and the Grenadines according to reports from the region would have realised the largest growth in cruise arrivals, this according to Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckee.

Mckee said according to preliminary figures for the coming season, it would appear that it will be as good or even better than the current one.

He said that they are looking forward to the transfer port where a person would fly in to board their cruise or fly out at the end of their journey.

“ Intense discussion started since last year as it relates to the transfer port, we are very much a part of it, we go up to Sea Trade in Florida in the next couple of days to continue these discussions”.

“ This will be done in partnership with the agents and organizers of the cruise and owners of the cruise lines in terms of scheduling”.

“ We have put a lot of hard work over the years, improving on the packages, the sights, the cuisine, the entertainment aspect of things, ongoing training program, we have addressed all of those things in a focused way over the years and the cruise operators are happy thus sending more visitors our way”.

Mckee said cruise visits are planned a year ahead of time and the lie that is being peddled about the visitors coming due to hurricanes that affected the region is just sad.

Mckee is calling on persons to have discussions with the agencies since they would need more transportation on the ground for the next season.

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