Women’s Rights Activists Urge "Married Men To Pay Prostitute For Sex"

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Social activists and women’s rights advocate Mrs. Nailah John – Prince while speaking at a rally over the weekend in Brooklyn, organized to protest what a number of Vincentian groups around the world deem injustice against women in St Vincent, opined publicly that sexually unsatisfied married men should pay a prostitute for sex.

John -Prince speaking to the group of protesters may have fallen prey to her emotions when she made the damning statement, which has obvious implications for herself and the movement which she leads.

Mrs. John – Prince founded and heads the Non-profit, non-governmental organization L.O.V.N.S.V.G, (Leave Out Violence In SVG).

L.O.V.N.S.V.G has as its mission statement on its Facebook page  “A established Non-Profit Organization since 2011. LOVNSVG focus is on the issues of violence & crime in SVG and to curb it through education and awareness”.

Having read the mission statement it has led some to ponder what exact education and awareness may have led Mrs. John – Prince to make the said self-conflicting disconcerting statement.

Mrs John – Prince, who is a married woman herself made the loaded statement which seemingly inadvertently suggests that married men,  may not only commit adultery when their wives exercise their inalienable rights to refuse to give sex to their husbands  but, also pay for sexual favours from another woman who has suffered the misfortune  of having to pursue a life of prostitution.

We at News784 know that international law defines prostitution as a human rights violation and that it is, in fact, exploitative of women.

Yet despite this being common knowledge, Mrs. John-Prince proceded to state the following:

“No one should use their office, No one should use their office, for sexual gratification. If you want sex pay a prostitute if your wife is not giving it to you, do not exploit our women“.

Below is a video included for News784 viewers to see.

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