CARIVAN is here, The Caribbean version of amazon

The Caribbean version of Amazon is here, Carivan was launched on 12 February, 2018 and is now available to everyone.

Carivan is a multi-vendor e-commerce store that allows Caribbean nationals to effectively sell, ship (locally, regionally, internationally) and receives payment for locally made products through a familiar Amazon like Platform.

Carivan allows any Caribbean national to sell their products and have it shipped out of their country.

We provide the infrastructure and the technology while you as a business or individual provides the product. We also aim to provide services from each country.

If you’re a service provider, whether photographer, designer, carpenter, electrician, babysitter etc… You can offer your services through Carivan Services.

The development of the Caribbean is very important to us. Giving everyone an opportunity to realize new income (e.g. tourists or nationals living abroad purchasing from you) while also placing the Caribbean market on the global stage, we believe, is greatly beneficial to everyone involved.

We knew that it’s a big risk whenever something new comes to the

market that directly deals with the finances of others.

With that, Carivan is working closely along with Stripe Inc. and Silicon Valley Bank to provide a very secure platform, which means, very little possibility of fraud – as credit card information for buyers would not be stored and cannot be viewed by us.

All processing takes place on Stripe’s servers in the US. Stripe, being the same payment processing company that brands such as kickstarter and GoFundMe use.

When I founded Konservi, I always wanted it to be something that would save people time and money.

This started out with deals and promotions and a mobile app. Quite a bit has changed since incorporation in 2016. It’s not only about a mobile app now, but more about enabling the Caribbean.

I’d love for Carivan to be present in all Caribbean countries in a meaningful way. Anyone from the Caribbean can sell on the platform, but currently, full support (Carivan Order Fulfillment) is only available in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Meaning, when an order is made from a business in another country, that business would be responsible for getting this product shipped, which they can do through their local post office.

Some persons rather not having to deal with that, hence why we have Carivan Order Fulfillment.

We’d be immediately working on having Carivan Order Fulfillment in all countries that request it, especially those that are generating revenue.

To this end, anyone interested in being the local Carivan agent in their country, you can indicate through an email to

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