Australia PM bans ministers from sex with staff

(BBC) – Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has said he will prohibit sex between ministers and their staff, after it was revealed his deputy had an affair with a former staffer.

In a press briefing, he condemned Barnaby Joyce for a “shocking error of judgement”.

Mr Joyce will take a leave of absence from Monday amid scrutiny over whether he breached ministerial standards.

Both Mr Joyce and Mr Turnbull deny that any rules, as defined, were broken.

But the prime minister said he would overhaul the “truly deficient” ministerial code of conduct.

“Ministers must behave accordingly. They must not have sexual relations with their staff – that’s it,” he told reporters.

Mr Turnbull earlier told parliament that Mr Joyce would not fill his post as acting leader next week when the prime minister travels to the US.

The scandal has dominated Australian politics since last Wednesday when Mr Joyce’s affair with media adviser Vikki Campion was publicly revealed.

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