US: Family sues funeral home after daughter’s body disappears

(WABC) – A jury is set to decide this week whether a Texas family should be awarded over $1 million in damages after their daughter’s body vanished from her casket following her memorial service.
The family of Julie Mott is suing Mission Park Funeral Homes in San Antonio after her body was taken straight out of the casket in 2015, according to KSAT-TV.
On Friday, testimony ended in the two-week civil trial, where jury members heard from Mott’s grieving parents.
An open casket was presented in the courtroom, identical to the one Mott was placed in during the memorial service.
The Motts are suing the funeral home for negligence and gross negligence, alleging their processes and policies contributed to the disappearance of Julie’s body.
The family had planned on cremating their daughter after the memorial service, a fact that allegedly distressed her former boyfriend, Bill Wilburn.
Wilburn was initially accused of taking Julie’s body by the Motts, but he was never charged after facing extensive questioning by police.
The funeral home was defended by mortuary science professor Felix Gonazalez in court, who testified Mission Park operated their home in accordance with state directives.
The jury will begin deliberating the case following closing arguments set for Tuesday morning.

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