SAK Project kicks off week of activities in SVG

The Small Acts of Kindness (SAK) Project has begun celebrations to mark the third annual SAK week with a number of activities.

The idea, first conceptualized as a day to inspire kindness in the community, has blossomed into a full week of sharing, caring and rewarding kindness.

This year’s festivities began with a presentation of a laptop, printer and school supplies to the Kingstown Government School on Monday.

The school was the winner of a video contest organized by the SAK Project last term. Participants were encouraged to submit entries that celebrated the theme of kindness and the submissions were judged by a panel from the SAK board in Canada.

The Toronto-based not-for-profit organization also made a presentation of a keyboard to the music department of the Lodge Village Government School.

The gift was a kind donation from one of the Canadian benefactors volunteering with the organization.

It is hoped that this gift will help augment the music program at the learning institution as they seek to nurture and develop the next crop of budding of musicians.

A number of other school supplies were also presented to the school at the ceremony.

The SAK week of activities will continue with visits to other schools.

The activities will culminate with an awards ceremony on Friday February 16, 2018 at which students and members of the larger community who embody the spirit of kindness and caring that is the mission of the Project will be recognized.


The Small Acts of Kindness (SAK) Project is a non-profit organization started by Toronto-based Vincentian Kwesi Bibby. The Project is grounded in the philosophy of giving back to the community and assisting with community-building initiatives.

 Since its inception, the Project has sought ways to support community-based activities by bringing together a core of volunteers from the diaspora living in Canada and has supported a number of institutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The SAK Project has also been able to support various initiatives and organizations in Jamaica, St. Lucia and Grenada since its inception in 2014.

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