Whooping $715,000 Thousand Super Six Jackpot

Super Six has reached $715,000 Thousand after no tickets matched the winning numbers from the weekend’s drawings.

Friday’s Super Six numbers are 05 – 06 -17-18 – 22 – 28, at that time the jackpot stood at $610,000.

Super 6 is a multi-island lotto game where players from all 4 islands including St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada, and Dominica take a chance at becoming a winner.

The Super 6 game involves allowing members of the public to select six (6) numbers from the range of 01 to 28 and play those numbers for a three dollar ($3) bet amount for the current draw.

All data regarding tickets sold for a particular draw will be compiled at the Central site computer.

A televised draw will take place two days per week, every Tuesday and Friday evening.

The drawing for the much anticipated $750,000 will take place on Wednesday 14th February.

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