Food Sermon, #1 Caribbean Restaurant In Crown Heights

In the late 1960s, waves of Caribbean immigrants landed in Brooklyn, coalescing in neighbourhoods such as Flatbush and Crown Heights. Today, the area still contains an incredibly dense concentration of Caribbean culture.

 Among the absolute best Caribbean food and restaurants in Crown Heights, Vincentian Rawlston Williams, chef and owner of the Food Sermon took the top spot.

According to Grubstreet an online publication, in no time flat, the Food Sermon will make you a true believer.

The minister of deliciousness is self-taught chef Rawlston Williams, who offers a brief menu of build-your-own “island bowls” at this cheerful corner spot, equipped with little more than a couple of communal tables and a self-serve stand for silverware and water.

 Choose a main (lamb, halal jerk chicken, seared tofu, panko-crusted salmon); white or brown rice; red beans or chickpeas; and a sea of sauce, piquant tomato or coconut ginger.

No matter the combo, your four elements combine to create a flavorful alchemy, the sum so much more delicious than the parts. You stick a fork in the braised lamb shank and tender shards cleave off like a meaty iceberg, each bite perfect, heavenly even.

The crispy, squishy tofu is better than any bean curd has a right to be; the jerk chicken cooked to just this side of juicy; the tamarind-mango-pineapple hot sauce a perfect marriage of sweet and spice.

Know before you go: Williams, a devout Seventh-day Adventist, shuts the restaurant on Fridays at sunset, reopening it on Sunday afternoon.

Address355 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA

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