First Test Reveals Vincy Marijuana Is "Natural High Grade".

Results so far are that locally grown marijuana is of a natural high grade.

Speaking at a testing of samples of Marijuana here in St Vincent as the government moves ahead with plans to establish a medicinal cannabis industry, Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said that they are creating an industry with all the possibilities and opportunities for young people.

He said it is certainly an exciting time particularly for Rastafarians who have advanced a particular cause over the years.

Caeser said that there are over 15 investors local and international who have shown interest.

The Minister said he wants to put a stop to this notion that local persons will be left behind, it is not our intention, it was never our intention, and it is not going to happen, he said.

“ No one is going exclude anyone from the possibilities and the opportunities, however at the end of the day each person must make a calculation about the investment and the risk that they are willing to take”.

Caesar said what he envisions is that persons would form cooperatives and companies so that they can pool factors of production.

The scientist testing on Thursday afternoon revealed that cannabis grown here is much more potent than those grown in the hills of Jamaica.

The testing which continues on Friday revealed on Thursday afternoon a THC of 25.5 percent in one strain which is grown in the hills of SVG and not in a controlled environment.

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