(By Ernesto Cooke) -Vincentian students studying in Taiwan are safe following a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the Asian nation on the 6th February 2018.

The quake struck 21 km (13 miles) north-northeast of Hualien, Taiwan, Tuesday night, the damage was reported to buildings and roads in Hualien, according to local media outlets.

Focus Taiwan has reported nine people have been killed and over 250 injured.

News784 spoke to Vincentian student Chandole Munroe on Wednesday, she indicated that everyone is in good spirits and safe.

Munroe told News784 that most of the students are located in Tapei and Tainan miles from where the earthquake struck.

She told news784 that students in Tapei felt tremors, she further indicated that there were two students who lived not too far from where the quake struck but they have been accounted for with no injuries.

Munroe said for her it was scary since it was the first time she experienced so many earth movements at once.

The force of the tremor buckled roads, cut electricity and disrupted water supplies to thousands of households.

Bridges and some roadways remain closed until inspections prove they are safe for travel.

Local airports and rail services were fully operational on Wednesday.

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