SVG Police and Prison Officers receive training on Juvenile Justice Reform

The Ministry of National Mobilisation in keeping with the objectives of the Juvenile Justice Reform Project (JJRP) – Phase II relative to diversion, rehabilitation, and reintegration, the OECS Commission commenced day one of a series of training and sensitization workshops being held in regard to the Juvenile Justice Reform System and its working.

 Monday 5th February saw the Opening of the sensitization series with the members of the National Commission on the Rights of the Child (NCRC) being the first targeted.

There was a short opening ceremony with the Permanent Secretary providing remarks.

She challenged the members of the NCRC to engage in introspection as it relates to their performances in relation to their role in the process and implore those gathered to work hard to ensure the mandate set out is achieved.

She encouraged the redoubling of efforts to maximize the opportunities provided.

In a news break, she alluded to the soon to be open and fully functional Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre which will have with it the Diversion component which will include the necessaries for the rehabilitation of the youngsters who are in conflict with the law.

This opening is scheduled for March 1st 2018.  She further highlighted the Juvenile Justice Bill is in its drafting stage which augers well for the entire process being undertaken by the Ministry at the moment.

Leading facilitator gave a synopsis of the process regarding the development of the processes and the plans for the sensitization of the Juvenile Justice Program.

Day two of the program will see some thirty-five (35) Police Officers and Prison Officer will be involved in the sensitization training workshop being held at the Police Training Room at Old Montrose.

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