SVG 2018 Budget Ends After 6 Hours

The 2018 budget brought to the house of assembly for debate on the 5th of February came to an end after a 6-hour presentation by the new finance minister Camilo Gonsalves.

Gonsalves spoke for some 3 hours of his allotted 4 on Monday evening, the Opposition leader who was scheduled to respond this morning at 9 am made no appearance.

The Opposition staged a walkout yesterday just before the finance minister begun his presentation, and joined their supporters who held protest action opposite the parliament building, over issues such as “ Women rights, and abuse of state power, among others.

The Opposition leader told News784 last evening that they had refused to legitimised young Gonsalves in parliament since he has not made a statement on a scandal brought about by former model Yugge Farrell, who alleges that Gonsalves carried on an extramarital affair with her for a number years.

He also stated that the Gonsalves government sought all kinds of means to block a motion of no confidence brought against it, this is something Dr Friday said that they would seek further legal advice on.

With no Opposition members to respond to the presentation made by the finance minister, Prime Minister Gonsalves told the speaker that the presentation from the minister was a reflection of the government members and as such he thinks it would be wise to allow the Minister to wrap up the debate.

It was following such intervention by the Prime Minister that the Minister made closing statements thus bringing an end to the 2018 budget at 11 am on Tuesday 6th, 2018.

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