SOLOMON ISLANDS: Villagers appeal for relief food supply

SOLOMON STAR NEWS – COMMUNITIES along the Ata’a river in Baegu Asifola, northeast Malaita, say they are running out of food due to the bad weather.

About six communities living along the river claimed their food gardens have been washed away by floods brought on from the heavy down since last month.

A community leader from one of the affected communities told the Solomon Star in Auki they are now facing hunger because their food gardens have been destroyed.
“We depend mostly on our food gardens, but since our gardens have gone we have been experiencing food shortage since the beginning of this year.”
He claimed they only survived on the leftover crops that the flood left behind.
However, he said the problem now is that after the water that covered the gardens dried, the left-over crops that they have been depending on got rot in the mounts.
“We are working on new gardens but this will take time before we see our next harvest.
“Right now, we need relief supplies to keep us going until our gardens are ready.”

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