Vincentian Winfield Tannis-Abbott Chair Caribbean Regional Network of People Living with and Affected by HIV AND AIDS (CRN+) facilitated a Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Building Workshop which looked at the Environmental Scans in the Dominican Republic hosted by Red nacional de jóvenes viviendo con VIH (REDNAJCER) from January 30 – February 01, 2017 under the Theme: CHALLENGING STIGMA AND DISCRIMINATION TO IMPROVE ACCESS TO AND QUALITY OF HIV SERVICES IN THE CARIBBEAN”

The meeting brought together over forty participants from ten organizations representing Key Population, National AIDS Programme, Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector, Ministry of Health Officials and Faith-Based Organizations.

The meeting presents an opportunity for representatives to be made aware of the research that has been developed based on available information/data of your country, how such information can be used to develop strategic advocacy activities and advocacy planning in the country.


  • Review and assess country-specific environmental scan – to assess relevance in available information and discuss the responses necessary to changing the circumstances
  • Knowledge Sharing – share lessons learned so others can benefit from their experience.
  • Develop simple, targeted Advocacy Plan – using lessons learnt and data to inform advocacy efforts at any level.

Mr. Tannis-Abbott also held high-level meetings with representatives from UNDP, ONUSIDA/UNAIDS, CVC, COIN, Government and Pharmaceuticals as part of the HIV response to bring awareness and a clear understanding of the HIV situation in the Dominican Republic.

 The discussions dealt with stigma and discrimination, access & quality health care, human rights violation, stock out of medication and other issues affecting Key Population and Persons Living with HIV.

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