$52.7 million allocated for rehabilitation of roads, bridges, river defenses

An estimated $52.7 million has been allocated to the rehabilitation of roads, bridges river defenses and associated infrastructure for this new fiscal year. This is a considerable sum. All hands are required on deck to ensure that we deliver on this ambitious infrastructure development programme 2018.

The productive sectors of Tourism, Agriculture, Construction and Telecommunications are also included under this heading of Economic Affairs.

Some of the larger projects included in this functional area are:

  • Agricultural Modernization and Development $12.9 m
  • OECS Regional Competitiveness Project (Agric.) $1.5 m   
  • Geothermal Development Project  $ 8. 0 m
  • Port Development $ 7.5m
  • Construction of Secondary, Village and Feeder Rds $ 17.2 m
  • Rehabilitation of South Leeward Highway  $3. 1 m
  • CARCIP  $5.3 m
  • Promoting Access To Clean Energy $ 1.0 m
  • Solar PV Demonstration Project $1.5 m
  • Road Rehabilitation Project $5.4 m
  • Tourism and Private Sector Development $1.0 m
  • North Windward Highway Rehab. $1.3 m


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