Man hospitalised following Fight over chain in Fair Hall

A fight over a chain landed one man down an embankment, followed by hospitalisation at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

According to the information obtained by News784, sometime after 10 pm on Friday 2nd February, it was reported that Evered Ollivereve fell over a wall and down an embankment in Fair Hall and remained motionless.

An ambulance was summoned, Ollivereve was removed, he was later discovered to have suffered a broken leg and other injuries on his body.

Police told News784 that later on Friday night Maxford John turned up at the Police Station in Calliqua with bruises about his body, he told police that Ollivereve and himself were engaged in a fight.

He told police he was walking home when Evered pulled his chain from his neck, so a fight ensued to retrieve it.

Police are carrying investigations into the matter.

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