Kay Calls On Grant To Cut The Pretence

Will a legal battle ensue from what appears to be a silent war between two legal luminaries?

Lawyer Grant Connell appears to have struck the wrong cord with Senator Kay Bacchus- Baptiste over the yugge Farrell matter.

Yugge Farrell appeared before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court Friday, having been charged that on Thursday, January 4 at Granby Street, Kingstown, she did cause a breach of the peace by using abusive language to Karen Duncan- Gonsalves of Prospect, which was “You dirty b**ch.”

She was ordered to the Mental Health Centre for evaluation and was released on $1000 bail on Monday 29th January.

While Connell was the Lawyer for Farrell from the inception of the matter, Barbadian Lawyer Andrew Pilgrim Q.C. is now lead legal counsel for the former model & Connell remains part of her legal team.

Miss Bacchus – Baptiste was retained by the family of Yugge to look after her human rights.

Barbadian Lawyer Andrew Pilgrim Q.C. is now lead legal counsel for Farrell.

In a Facebook post, Senator Mrs. Bacchus – Baptiste called on Connell to “ Cut the pretence”.

The lawyer went on to state: “The intention was to Whisk her away after a secret trial (in camera).

In an interview last Wednesday, Connell indicated to News784 that the many persons who were interested in Miss Farrell should come forward when the court matter is over – “Let’s see how committed they are”, the lawyer said.

He also told News784 that he would have asked the court to have the matter heard in camera in the best interest of Farrell’s wellbeing.

Mrs. Bacchus Baptiste further stated in her post that: “Our activism stalled this”.

Last Friday, Mrs. Bacchus – Baptiste and others mounted a protest outside of the administrative complex in Kingstown.

On Sunday, a number of Vincentians living in Canada held a protest over what they deem as an injustice being meted out to Miss Farrell.

Last Wednesday, Connell told News 784 that the society is a vicious one and when you fall off your pedestal, according to where you fall, there are hyenas waiting to tear you to the bone and walk away.

He said he was worried about Yugge being used as a political football, and also recently stated in a press release to the media that the way in which Mrs. Bacchus – Baptiste has hired leaves much to be desired.

Mrs. Bacchus – Baptiste in her post further wrote: “You promised a Nolle Prosqeui , now she has a criminal case hanging over her for 11 months before she even gets a trial”.

Connell told News784 last Wednesday that he would call upon the office of the DPP to Nolle Prosqeui the case, allowing Miss Farrell to get on with her life.

Such did not take place when Farrell returned to the court on Monday 29th January 2018.

In response to Connell’s earlier statement about not wanting the case to turn political Mrs. Bacchus- Baptiste wrote in her posting.

“Yes we will keep up the protest until the case is dropped, and yes this is political ask Ralph, Camilo and Storm”.

Bacchus – Baptiste in the final words of her post asks the question of Connell.

So who has on blinkers, my dear friend?

Miss yugge Farrell would return to court on the 17th December 2018.

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