2018 wage bill 1.6 percent higher than 2017

The 2018 budget for Compensation of Employees is 1.6 percent higher than the estimated wage bill in 2017.  There are two principal factors responsible for the movement of this item in this fiscal year. These are:

  1. The cost associated with the new positions mentioned above; and
  2. The automatic salary increments paid each year to public servants

Forty-eight cents of every revenue dollar collected in 2018 will be spent on the compensation of public service employees.

According to Gonsalves, this is significant as  Government have consistently implemented measures to improve the material condition of all workers, including public servants.

In 2018, Gonsalves all must commit to lifting their game. While there are generally excellent performers within the ranks of the public service, there is still much room for improvement, he said.

” It is your individual and collective responsibility to raise the level of productivity within the public service to provide value to the citizens for the money they pay you”.

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