Gospel recording artiste Clairon Haynes walked away with two music awards for her single “JESUS GOT MY BACK” at the 2017 GGH MUSIC AWARDS held in western Canada, approximately 5 hours by air from her home city Montreal, Quebec.

The double nominations came as a surprise to her since it was the first time that her music has caught the attention of a section of Canadian music lovers so much so that they thought the song was deemed worthy of being among the top records released in 2017.

 “JESUS GOT MY BACK” was nominated in two categories. Gospel Record of the year 2017 and Songwriter for an upbeat record. These are her first wins since she made her entrance to the gospel music arena in 2015 with her first ballad “You Reign Supreme Lord”.

The name Clairon Haynes is certainly no stranger to the music fraternity in her native island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

 In 2015-2017 she released her music on several renown radio stations there including NBC Radio, Ezee Radio, JemRadio, Christlike Radio., wee FM, and Extreme Radio.

Two of her music videos for her singles “JESUS GOT MY BACK” and “I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU LORD” were shown on SVG TV and are on repeat quite regularly.

The song “JESUS GOT MY BACK” was produced by Dominican born Krishna “DadaMusic” Lawrence, a producer who specializes in soca rhythms.

He is known for working with several Vincentian artistes including Rondy “Luta” McIntosh, Hance John, Problem Child, and Fireman Hooper. In fact the winning soca monarch 2017 song for Fireman and the road march win by Problem Child were produced by this producer.

Suffice it to say that he has a history for producting HIT RECORDS.

On 23rd April 2017 Clairon released JESUS GOT MY BACK on several radio stations in Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Georgia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The song instantly began to resonate with people of all walks of life. This is evident in the number of digital downloads on itunes, amazon, google play music store, etc.

She is grateful to fellow Vincentians and the world by extension for all of the love and support that they continue to show to her music.

Clairon was pleasantly surprised when she received words that her song was selected and nominated to receive two (2) awards.

Last weekend she boarded Air Canada and traveled about five hours to the western part of Canada where the award was held.

This brings the singer’s nominations from her debut album that is currently mid way through completion to a total of four (4). Two (2) from the SVG AMP AWARDS (sAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES) and two (2) from the GGH MUSI AWARDS in Canada. She won both categories that she was nominated for by the GGH MUSIC AWARDS (Gospel Record Of The Year and Songwriter for an upbeat record).

Vincentians friends and followers at home and abroad seem not surprised by this news as can be seen from comments on social media.

Majority of them predicted weeks leading up to the awards that a win was possible. Clairon is grateful to Jehovah God, her family, friends, followers and fans for all of the kind sentiments which she has received since she broke the news officially on social media.

So far Clairon has completed SEVEN (songs) from a total of 14 songs original songs which she intends to put on her first gospel album.

She has worked with several different producers so that she can vary the sound of each record. She wrote/writes all of the songs which will be on the album.

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